The option!.

                                   The search for the solution needed by the  NIGERIAN citizens really books down to past experiences than what the situation actually projects. Normally people think by going with what the mass interest are gunning for they are making the right choices,but in most cases it’s not; so none of that actual propaganda works in the real sense.  In other words people make wrong choices unknowingly and end up paying for it without being able to air their voices until after  another leap year running by, OmG what a drag! please waste not your votes on people who would not take your calls after they are elected into office but would rather forget that your vote got them into the office in the first place now they will even forget you exist as a person, individual or even a citizen! Worry about your tomorrow and the life and world you want to create for our siblings, it’s better to look at a bright side of a person your heart truly feel should be in the hot sit than the one whom u just want to. Use to fill a chair in an office .

ll the sit with! This is the political word I have for this moment fill and digest for there is more in d pans frying!


The troubled life!

imagesisn’t it funny how life treats most of us? Isn’t it weird how it feels like life hasn’t been fair on us in most cases?but what is in that life that we cherish so ssmuch that we don’t want to let it go not just yet? Yes we don’t want to let go with a whimper but could settle for a life gone with a big bang. A bang so loud it can be heard at the deepest part of the grand kenyan or even accross places we haven’t even heard about,seen or been. Hunm! Funny, life is just funny!
As it so happens in haven, a series that show case troubled minds who end up hurting others, but in my case it defers! My troubles started when i was born, and it never seemed to go away.follow me as i unravel this trouble that has so been in my life allmost forever! Read more in my next post.